From: Kelly L. Moore, M.D., MPH, Director

Tennessee had the dubious distinction of being the only state to experience a significant drop in completion of the HPV vaccine series among teen girls in 2014, as reported in the CDC’s report of the results of the 2014 National Immunization Survey-Teen in today’s MMWR. While coverage with Tdap and first dose Men-ACWY rose, HPV initiation (1st dose) was flat, and completion of the full series of HPV vaccine dropped, by 16 percentage points, to just 20% (The US overall rate was 40%).

While the reasons for this distinct drop are unclear, the implications are grave. As we miss the opportunity to vaccinate our preteens and teens, the ranks swell of men and women who will  someday develop HPV cancers that could have been prevented today with this safe, highly effective and long-lasting vaccine.

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Tennessee HPV Report – July 2015

2014 National Immunization Survey – Teen Results – July 2015