Medical Students

TNAFP offers programs and resources to support students on their journey through medical school and, hopefully, into family medicine residency training and post-residency practice. Use the Academy to expand your medical education and delve into a community of peers in Tennessee and across the U.S.

Ways to Get Involved

  • Participate in or lead your FMIG – Most Tennessee medical schools have a student-led family medicine interest group, where students who are considering a career in family medicine can gather to learn about practice options, discuss healthcare and specialty trends, and connect with like-minded peers. TNAFP supports FMIGs with funding that can be used for specific programs or events. Contact Executive Director Dave Chaney to learn more.
  • Promote your medical research – Submit your best clinical research project to TNAFP to be evaluated by a panel of physicians and potentially featured at the TNAFP Annual Scientific Assembly. A small number of winners each year are invited to present or display their work at the conference, and TNAFP offers a stipend to cover travel costs.
  • Attend the AAFP National Conference – TNAFP offers a limited number of grants for Tennessee medical students to attend the annual event in Kansas City, where AAFP is headquartered. The conference is a great way to learn more about the specialty and explore residency opportunities.
  • Serve in a state leadership position – Volunteer to serve on a TNAFP committee or apply to be elected to the student position on the TNAFP Board of Directors to learn how the state chapter operates and identify areas of specific interest to you.
  • Attend TNAFP events – TNAFP offers free or discounted rates for students to participate in live and virtual programs like the Annual Scientific Assembly and Practice Enhancement Seminar.
  • Represent the state in a national leadership position – AAFP designates seats for student representatives on certain commissions and other groups. Learn more about AAFP leadership opportunities and resources for students.
  • Get involved in advocacy – There are a number of ways to get involved and become an effective family medicine advocate even before you go into practice, and TNAFP can help. Connect with the Academy to learn more about the state legislative process and engage in specific advocacy initiatives.
  • Submit an article for Tennessee Family Physician – The TNAFP quarterly journal is a great outlet to share a unique perspective as a medical student or raise awareness about a specific issue.

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