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Already a TNAFP member but not sure how to get the most out of your membership? Explore the options available and plug in wherever you are interested. The Academy is most effective in serving and representing members when there is active participation from a diverse mix of Tennessee family physicians.

  • Committees – Many member physicians, residents and medical students get their first experience in organized medicine by volunteering to serve on a TNAFP committee. Each committee serves a specific purpose and all are important in helping TNAFP engage members and achieve its mission.
  • State leadership opportunities – Help set the TNAFP tone and direction by actively serving in a volunteer leadership position like chair of a committee, regional delegate to the Congress of Delegates, a representative on the TNAFP Board of Directors, an elected officer position, or a Tennessee delegate to the AAFP Congress of Delegates.
  • National leadership opportunities – It is important for Tennessee physicians to have an active, visible presence in AAFP and a strong voice in national policy discussions. Learn more about AAFP leadership opportunities.
  • Advocacy – Volunteer to serve as the TNAFP Doctor of the Day on Capitol Hill in Nashville during the legislative session. Work through the Academy to build meaningful relationships with your state legislators and help advance TNAFP’s advocacy agenda. Sign up for AAFP’s family medicine action network to stay informed about key issues and interact directly with Congressmen who make important healthcare policy decisions in Washington, DC.
  • Teach a CME course – TNAFP is always looking for subject matter experts who are willing to share their expertise with fellow physicians. Contact us to suggest a topic or submit your credentials to be considered as an instructor for a conference, workshop or webinar.
  • Events – TNAFP offers a variety of live and virtual events – including the Annual Scientific Assembly and Practice Enhancement Seminar – where members can earn valuable Continuing Medical Education credits and network with Tennessee family physicians. 

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Karen Baird
Director of Member Services