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Family physicians choose to be a part of TNAFP and AAFP as an investment in their practices and their profession. No other professional membership offers comparable opportunities for family physicians to broaden their network, connect with peers across the state and U.S., gain unique leadership experience, and participate in specialty-focused state and national advocacy initiatives.

TNAFP serves all types of family physicians in every practice environment, from solo independent clinics to academicians to employed physicians and everything in between.

Join TNAFP to stand alongside your family medicine peers on important healthcare issues and show your patients that you are voluntarily committed to delivering the most current and highest-quality care.

Member Benefits


TNAFP is the single most influential voice for family physicians in Tennessee, representing 2,500 members on Capitol Hill in Nashville and coordinating with AAFP at the federal level to ensure family physicians have a seat at the table on important healthcare policy decisions.

Continuing Medical Education

TNAFP offers a variety of convenient, cost-effective professional development programs to enhance members’ clinical acumen and ensure they meet state licensure and national membership requirements.


Members use the Academy to build meaningful relationships with their physician peers and stay informed about what is happening in the specialty in Tennessee and nationally.


TNAFP gives family physicians unique opportunities to engage in medicine outside of their practice walls, develop new leadership skills and grow in their practice and profession.


Members have access to exclusive resources, products and services through TNAFP and third-party partners to enhance their practice so they can focus on patient care.


Membership in TNAFP is an investment in the future of the specialty because it helps support and engage the medical students and residents who are next generation of family physicians in Tennessee and beyond.

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