Legislative Issues

2020 Legislative Bills of Interest

SB2110 (Lundberg)/HB2203 (Ramsey)

Nurses, Nursing – As introduced, makes various changes to the licensing of and prescribing authority for advanced practice registered nurses. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 33; Title 49; Title 53; Title 55; Title 56; Title 63; Title 68 and Title 71.

SB1718 (Robertson)/HB1832 (Dixie)

Insurance, Health, Accident – As introduced, caps the total amount that a health insurance carrier can require a covered patient with diabetes to pay for a 30-day supply of insulin at no more than $100; requires the department of health and the division of consumer affairs to study and investigate the pricing of prescription insulin drugs and report findings no later than November 1, 2020. – Amends TCA Title 8; Title 53; Title 56, Chapter 7; Title 63; Title 68 and Title 71, Chapter 5.

SB1743 (Hensley)/HB1556 (Cepicky)

TennCare – As introduced, adds acupuncture, chiropractic, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services performed by authorized persons to the list of healthcare services that may be included as covered TennCare medical assistance. – Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.

SB1892 (Swann)/HB1699 (Smith) TNAFP SUPPORTING

Insurance, Health, Accident – As introduced, makes various changes to the law concerning the electronic delivery of health care and its coverage under insurance policies. – Amends TCA Title 56 and Section 63-1-155.

SB1912 (Reeves)/HB1917 (Vaughan)

Health Care – As introduced, adds interventional procedures or treatments among the alternative treatments that must be disclosed and explained by a healthcare practitioner to a patient or the patient’s legal representative as a prerequisite to obtaining informed consent to treatment with an opioid. – Amends TCA Section 63-1-164.

SB1955 (Jackson)/HB2090 (Faison)

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities – As introduced, extends to a rural health clinic the same authorization that a federally qualified health center has to employ a physician if the employment relationship is evidenced by a written contract, job description, or documentation containing language that does not restrict the physician from exercising independent medical judgment in diagnosing and treating patients. – Amends TCA Title 63, Chapter 6.

SB1959 (Crowe)/HB1836 (Whitson)

Public Health – As introduced, adds representatives of the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability, the Tennessee Nurses Association, and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as members of the state Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia advisory council. – Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 2, Part 1.

SB2076 (Pody)/HB1870 (Russell)

Traffic Safety – As introduced, clarifies that the present law requiring drivers of motorcycles to wear a helmet applies to drivers of autocycles that are not fully enclosed. – Amends TCA Title 55, Chapter 9, Part 3.

SB2175 (Johnson)/HB2244 (Lamberth)

Mental Illness – As introduced, authorizes a licensed advance practice nurse or a licensed physician assistant, as long as either is working under the supervision of a licensed physician, to examine a detainee transported to a state-owned or state-operated hospital or treatment resource to determine whether the detainee is subject to admission; authorizes the nurse or physician assistant to complete a certificate of need for the emergency diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment. – Amends TCA Section 33-6-407 and Section 33-6-426.

SB2317 (Roberts)/HB1867 (Smith)

Health Care – As introduced, expands the “Health Care Empowerment Act” to allow all licensed medical professionals to use direct medical care agreements without regulation by the insurance laws of this state. – Amends TCA Title 63.

SB2334 (Dickerson)/HB2454 (Terry)

Health, Dept. of – As introduced, requests the department and its division of health related boards to perform a study on the licensure and regulation of cannabis for medical use by departments of health and medical professional licensing boards in states contiguous to Tennessee and report findings to the general assembly’s health committees by December 15, 2020. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29; Title 4, Chapter 3; Title 38, Chapter 3; Title 39, Chapter 17; Title 43; Title 50; Title 53; Title 63; Title 67 and Title 68.

SB2402 (Kyle)/HB2160 (Hodges)

Health Care – As introduced, requires healthcare facilities and providers to post a price for each healthcare service offered and to accept the price as payment in full if any patient or third-party payer on behalf of the patient pays the price in full within 30 days after the date the healthcare service was provided. – Amends TCA Title 8; Title 33; Title 56; Title 63; Title 68, Chapter 11 and Title 71.

SB2616 (Hensley)/HB2750 (Kumar)

Criminal Offenses – As introduced, creates the Class E felony of assault of a public servant, which is assaulting a person known to be a law enforcement officer, first responder, or healthcare provider while that person is engaged in official duties. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 13.

SB2627 (Bowling)/HB2491 (Van Huss)

Taxes, Privilege – As introduced, reduces, from $400 to $200, the professional privilege tax. – Amends TCA Title 67, Chapter 4, Part 17.

SB2761 (Bell)/HB2101 (Russell)

Workers Compensation – As introduced, allows advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants to be included on the panel that an injured employee chooses from to receive treatment in a workers’ compensation case. – Amends TCA Title 50, Chapter 6.

SB2779 (Bell)/HB2146 (Travis)

Physicians and Surgeons – As introduced, removes various restrictions on the employment of radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, and emergency physicians. – Amends TCA Title 63, Chapter 6 and Title 68, Chapter 11.

SB2792 (Akbari)/HB1649 (Shaw)

Drugs, Prescription – As introduced, requires physicians, dentists, nurses, podiatrists, optometrists, physician assistants, and pharmacists to explain to a patient any side effects of a prescribed drug prior to prescribing or dispensing the drug; provides an exception for drugs prescribed or dispensed to patients on a recurring basis; designates a failure to comply as professional misconduct and subjects the prescriber or pharmacist to discipline by the prescriber’s or pharmacist’s licensing authority. – Amends TCA Title 53; Title 63 and Title 68.


SB0009 (Briggs)/HB0009 (Staples)

Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, authorizes Knox County and Knoxville to prohibit, by local ordinance, smoking on the grounds of any playground owned or operated by the local government. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17.

SB1979 (Stevens)/HB2000 (Gant)

Taxes, Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, exempts smokeless nicotine products from the tax on tobacco products and cigarettes. – Amends TCA Section 67-4-1001 and Section 67-4-1005.

SB2059 (Niceley)/HB1853 (Reedy)

Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, specifies that rolled hemp is not a cigarette and hemp is not a substitute for tobacco for purposes of clarifying that such products are not subject to the tobacco tax. – Amends TCA Title 43, Chapter 27 and Title 67, Chapter 4.

SB2079 (Reeves)/HB2114 (Smith) TNAFP SUPPORTING

Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, increases age of persons allowed to use tobacco and smoking hemp products from 18 years of age to 21 years of age; requires licensure for the retail sale of tobacco products; levies a tax on electronic smoking device cartridges. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 29; Title 39, Chapter 17; Title 39, Chapter 15; Title 43; Title 67, Chapter 4, Part 10 and Title 68.

SB2617 (Swann)/HB1996 (Curcio)

Child Labor – As introduced, allows an age-restricted venue to continue to permit smoking in the venue even if the venue employs a person under 21 years of age if the employee is a child of the owner of the venue. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 18; Title 50, Chapter 5, Part 1 and Title 57.

SB2645 (Yarbro)/HB2651 (Towns)

Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, includes vapor products and e-cigarettes in the statutory definition of “tobacco products”; levies, in a manner the same as cigarettes, a tax on liquid nicotine for vapor products at a rate of 3 cents per milligram of liquid nicotine. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17; Title 47; Title 67 and Title 68.

SB2202 (Johnson)/HB2269 (Lamberth)

Tobacco, Tobacco Products – As introduced, makes various changes to state law to reflect the change in federal law that raised the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from 18 years of age to 21 years of age. – Amends TCA Section 1-3-113; Title 39, Chapter 15 and Title 39, Chapter 17.