TNAFP Connect

Supporting Tennessee’s Independent Family Doctors
Rebuilding Tennessee’s Rural Physician Workforce

The TNAFP Connect program is designed to support physicians who at various stages of their careers are looking for opportunities in a more “traditional” private practice model, especially in rural and underserved areas of the state where family doctors are needed most.

While TNAFP serves and represents all family doctors, regardless of geography, practice environment, or any other distinguishing factor, the Academy is uniquely positioned to connect members with the people and resources they need to plant roots in small communities, build a successful practice, and pursue the type of professional satisfaction they envisioned when choosing family medicine as a career.

The program consists of three major components: loan repayment, mentorship and placement opportunities, and practice resources.


How can we help YOU?

TNAFP staff and physician leaders are traveling the state this summer to introduce TNAFP Connect to Tennessee’s family medicine residency programs. It will be the first step in a long- range effort to support family doctors who want to enter private practice, at any stage of their careers.

Contact TNAFP if you would like to schedule a presentation in your program, practice location or geographic area.

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Loan Repayment

The Tennessee General Assembly established a new program in 2023 to allocate state dollars to incentivize family doctors to locate in rural and underserved areas. TNAFP advocated for the legislation in hopes that by reducing or eliminating medical school debt, more new physicians will choose to begin their post-residency practice in rural and underserved areas and stay long term.

TNAFP is currently working with the Tennessee Department of Health to get the program up and running. The goal is to have the pieces in place to begin accepting applications from Tennessee residents in late 2024.

Mentorship and Placement Opportunities

Another major barrier to rural practice in the modern era of medicine, young physicians say, is the fear of setting up shop without knowing what owning a clinic entails or how to manage a business. Within the aging physician demographic in Tennessee, meanwhile, are small-town doctors who want to retire but do not want to sell to a corporation or just close the doors. In other cases, employed doctors may be looking to transition out of their current environment and enter private practice. Whatever the case, TNAFP wants to help make introductions that ideally lead to mentorships, partnerships, and business relationships that allow members successfully transition into their choice of practice.

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Practice Resources

The final piece of the TNAFP Connect program is an intentionally small but valuable suite of services that independent family doctors need and want in order to operate a successful practice. The Academy is assembling resources through third-party partner companies to include payment resolution, insurance, financial services, legal services, value-based care, practice consulting, and more. Some Preferred Partners are already in place, while others are in negotiation and should be finalized in 2024.

We’ve got you covered. See how TNAFP’s Preferred Partners can support you and your practice.