Congress of Delegates

The TNAFP Congress of Delegates is the largest representative body of the Academy’s membership and carries ultimate decision-making authority regarding activities of the association. The Congress meets in person annually to debate and set policies that yield high-level directives for the Board of Directors and staff to implement through advocacy, continuing medical education, public health initiatives and other areas.

Delegates and alternate delegates are elected to represent their fellow family physicians by geographic districts for two-year terms, while student and resident representatives serve one-year terms. The Congress also elects its own Speaker and Vice Speaker for one-year terms.

Each district has three voting seats, with alternate delegates elected to serve in a voting capacity if a primary delegate is unable to attend or participate in the meeting.

2023 Congress Leadership

W. Trae Bates, DO, FAAFP

Speaker (Cleveland)

Grant Studebaker, MD

Vice Speaker (Jackson)

The next annual meeting of the TNAFP Congress of Delegates will be on Monday, October 28, 2024, at the Wilderness at the Smokies Stone Hill Lodge in Sevierville.

Resolutions are due in writing by September 13, 2024.

Submit a Resolution

Any member in good standing may engage in the policy and governance of the Academy by submitting a resolution for the Congress to consider. TNAFP encourages members to submit resolutions on important issues facing family physicians and their patients.

Resolutions may establish new policy, call for the investigation or implementation of a new program or service, or eliminate activities considered non-essential or outside of the Academy’s mission and purpose. Authors should do their research on the topic to identify whether policy already exists and provide context on the state and national level, including relevance to family medicine in Tennessee, alignment with TNAFP’s strategic priorities, fiscal implications, and whether any related activities are within TNAFP’s scope or authority.

Submissions are due in writing prior to the annual meeting of the Congress and if received by the posted deadline are added to the agenda without debate. Voting delegates and alternates may speak for or against resolutions during the meeting and, depending on the discussion, may amend the language in the process.

Ultimately the Congress votes to take one of the following actions:

  • Adopt the resolution as presented (or amended)
  • Do not adopt the resolution as presented (or amended)
  • Refer the resolution to the Board of Directors for further discussion or action

Contact TNAFP staff with any questions about the policymaking process, or for help writing or submitting a resolution.

Template Resolution

Click below to view a sample resolution you can use as a template to submit a resolution to TNAFP.

Once complete, you may email your resolution to

Have an issue for the Congress to consider or questions about how your delegates and alternates represent you?

Reach out to your local colleagues to start a dialogue and make plans for the next meeting of the Congress or express your interest in serving as a delegate for your area.

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