TNAFP committees are groups of members who volunteer to help carry out the important work of the Academy. Any physician or medical student member may choose to get involved in any committee to share ideas, broaden their professional network and develop unique leadership skills.

Express your interest by contacting TNAFP staff – Executive Director Dave Chaney ( or Director of Member Services Karen Baird (

Annual Scientific Assembly Program Committee
Plans medical education component of TNAFP annual meeting, including selecting topics and speakers and soliciting outside funding to support the event.

Education Committee
Collaborates with academic community to help promote and support student interest in family medicine careers and residents enrolled in family medicine residency training programs. Activities include but are not limited to supporting and promoting medical school (and osteopathic medical school) Family Medicine Interest Groups, determining TNAFP’s presence at the AAFP National Conference, assisting in peer review of TNAFP education program materials, and generally attracting more resident and student member participation.

Public Health Committee
Develops plans and programs to promote public health, disease prevention and health education in Tennessee communities, including collaborating with other organizations and agencies, where appropriate, to address important public health issues.

Legislative and Government Affairs Committee
Monitors activity in the Tennessee General Assembly and with regulatory bodies to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on important policy positions. Participates in advocacy-related initiatives including Doctor of the Day in the state legislature and collaborative advocacy with like-minded healthcare organizations. Works in conjunction with AAFP to ensure members engage on federal legislative and regulatory issues impacting Tennessee physicians and patients.

Practice Enhancement Program Committee
Plans medical education component of the annual spring medical education seminar, including selecting topics and speakers and soliciting outside funding to support the event.

Research Committee
Reviews resident and medical student research abstracts for competition at TNAFP annual scientific assembly.

TNAFP Journal Editorial Board
Helps TNAFP staff produce quarterly publication, including planning editorial direction, soliciting content from members and other contributors, writing columns, and reviewing and editing draft publications.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Raises awareness of and develops appropriate responses to important social issues that affect the Academy’s ability to support and represent an increasingly diverse medical community. Promotes a inclusion so that all physicians and other stakeholders are treated with respect and have equal opportunity to engage in the collaborative exchange of ideas and pursue leadership pathways.