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Annual Practice Enchancement Seminar

We hope to see you at the 2023 TNAFP Practice Enhancement Seminar on Saturday, March 4.

Annual Scientific Assembly

October 25-28, 2022
Park Vista Hotel, Gatlinburg

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2022 Educational Collaborative Between the TNAFP and ProTime, LLC

The Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians is excited to provide the TNAFP membership an educational collaborative again in 2022 between the TNAFP and ProTime, LLC on “Practice Enhancement Through Clinically Correct Coding.” This 23-session educational platform (up to 20 Prescribed credits) was designed by Nick Ulmer, M.D., CPC, family physician in South Carolina, to assist TNAFP members in successful navigation of the business of medicine. This course is designed to assist in successful navigation of the business of medicine. The sessions have been chosen to not only promote quality in care delivery, but also to assist in the economic side of practice enhancement. Because Family Medicine physicians are so broadly used in healthcare, we’ve chosen sessions that speak to both the inpatient and ambulatory practices of medicine. You will receive up to 20 CME Prescribed credits upon successful completion of these courses.

The AAFP has reviewed Practice Enhancement Through Clinically Correct Coding and deemed it acceptable for Prescribed credit. Term of Approval is from 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2022.

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The Tennessee Academy of Family Physicians is pleased to provide two opportunities to you, in conjunction with Rockpointe CME, to obtain AAFP Prescribed credit while participating in on-demand webcourses as noted below, at no cost to you courtesy of Rockpointe CME. VIEW PDF

Obesity: The Disease and Its Management -

The educational program Obesity: The Disease and Its Management will provide clinicians with a greater understanding of the disease of obesity, including its etiology and physiologic effects, and management strategies, including the efficacy and safety of anti-obesity medications and how and when to incorporate them into individualized management plans.

Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes in T2DM: Personalizing Antihyperglycemic Therapy -

The educational program Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes in T2DM: Personalizing Antihyperglycemic Therapy will familiarize primary care physicians with the pathophysiology of CVD in T2DM, results of cardiovascular outcomes trials of antihyperglycemics, and recommendations from several societies regarding the use of these agents in patients with T2DM who have or are at risk for CVD.