Board Certification

Family physicians who choose to earn certification through the American Board of Family Medicine voluntarily commit and adhere to a set of professional standards beyond what is required by the state licensing board. The initial certification and ongoing learning keeps physicians up to date on clinical knowledge so they can deliver the best possible patient care.

While earning and maintaining certification requires work, it offers many benefits for practical application and shows patients, peer physicians, hospitals, payers, employers, and the general public that you practice with the highest standards of physician quality, ethics and professionalism. Patients and others believe that board certified physicians are better physicians.

Earn ABFM Certification

See if you are eligible to begin the process and get certified in family medicine.

Maintain Your ABFM Certification

The ABFM has made several recent improvements to the MOC process, including reducing or eliminating some initial fees and adding a longitudinal assessment as an alternative to the one-day exam.